Increase, improve and control your business everywhere.

The Roadshow Group is a corporation of leading manufacturers and lessors with specialized vehicles for mobile promotion and training campaigns, pop-up stores, events, and information campaigns worldwide. We provide the quality standard in roadshow solutions with an experienced team, a perfectly well-oiled network, optimal time management, and effective communication channels through which we share our knowledge and expertise.


Our engineers have the expertise that only comes through with a continuous flow of new and innovative engineering and design. Their capacity to design state-of-the-art promotional units relies on their knowledge of fabrication techniques, manufacturing, and materials. Experience, knowledge, and expertise make our engineers’ true roadshow architects.


We know how to plan your project down to the last detail and take complete care of your roadshow’s smooth execution. In doing so, we are always transparent, open, and flexible. Our experienced project managers and dispatchers offer you an “all-round” service with a consistent exchange of information for optimal implementation, alongside the coordination of drivers, parking spaces, and suitable event locations.


A roadshow’s essence is to travel and make events convenient and mobile as possible, especially when crossing borders. We have offices and storage located in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, sales offices, and agents in Belgium, Italy, Romania, and France. With this Western-European presence, we are cross-selling between locations all over the globe. We pride ourselves on our international network and reach that allows us to manage a global reach with ease.

Technical Support

Our manageable quality standard doesn’t only stand for the implementation of a roadshow but also the technical organization and the transport of entire mobile event setups. This is done with expertise in all technical services such as light, sound, stage construction, power generation, and installation. We aim to be mobile, flexible, and highly efficient in all situations.


Through Roadshow Group, you have the ability to control and monitor all your brands’ marketing methods, enabling your business to provide the ultimate roadshow experience for you and your customers. With us, you amplify your marketing and brand journey, from lead generation and nurturing to sales hand-off and customer engagement.